People to Inform

When a death occurs there are various people that must be informed. It is very important that all the relevant people are informed following the death of a loved one. Initially, the deceased family, registrar and doctor will be advised, however, there is a range of additional entities that also need to be made aware. To prevent future issues, it is best to advise the necessary entities as soon as possible.

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    Important Information

    It is important that you have the relevant key information to hand when you begin the notification of a death process. It is vital to have the following information available.

    • Full name and address
    • Place and date of their birth
    • Place and date of their death
    • Their National Insurance Number
    • If applicable, please have their organ donor card available
    • Any account numbers and details held with relevant organisations
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    Who needs to be informed?

    As well as immediate registrars, doctors and family members, there are also additional people that need to be informed of a death. The following list is not an exhaustive list of all the organisations that need to be made aware. However, the list complies of many of the majority of organisations that must be informed.

    • Any friends or family who have not yet been informed
    • Employer and fellow employees if necessary
    • The solicitor of the deceased, so the Will can be released
    • In-home care assistance and additional local support services
    • Inland Revenue
    • The deceased banks and building societies
    • The deceased insurance companies, whom they had policies with
    • Household facility companies, i.e. gas, water, electricity etc.
    • Royal Mail in order to redirect the deceased mail

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