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Ashley Edwards Funeral Directors is an independent funeral director that serves communities in and around Somerset, including those in the town of Glastonbury.

Our team is fully qualified, experienced and committed to supporting you not just practically, but emotionally when your loved one has passed.

You can always trust us to take care of the details, whilst you and your family come to terms with your loss.

Our services are flexible, so you’re able to arrange the perfect send-off, remembering your beloved family member or friend in the way they would’ve wanted.

Planning meetings can take place at our office, or in the comfort of your own home – it’s entirely up to you.

Help And Advice Following A Death

Even if you feel like you’re prepared, the death of a loved one can still be very distressing.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do when someone dies, from who to inform and how to register your loved one’s death to how to find a funeral director – it’s safe to say you’ll have lots on your plate.

Not to worry though – at Ashley Edwards, we’re here for you every step of the way, to help guide you through the process so you can handle things logically and efficiently.

Arranging A Funeral In Glastonbury

The thought of planning a funeral for a friend or relative can be extremely upsetting.

To make this time easier for you and the rest of your family, our funeral directors will work with you, offering guidance and support throughout the arrangement process and beyond – to ensure you’re able to celebrate your loved one in the way they would’ve wanted.

Choosing the right funeral director to ease you through the process can make all the difference, and at Ashley Edwards, we pride ourselves on being able to spend every minute necessary to ensure the funeral is arranged and carried out as requested.

To arrange a funeral with us here in Glastonbury, give us a call on 01458 258 880 or email – we’re more than happy to help.

Affordable Direct Cremations

If you wish to say your goodbyes without being bound by the formalities of a traditional service, a direct cremation could be the way to go.

In comparison to a standard cremation or burial, direct cremations are more affordable, but your loved one will still receive the utmost care and respect – no compromises are made to the standards of our service.

We will collect the deceased from their place of rest, communicate with you regarding paperwork and registrations, arrange the cremation, and return their ashes to you a short while later.

Bespoke Funeral Plans In Glastonbury

A funeral plan allows you to prepare ahead of time.

At Ashley Edwards Funeral Directors, we offer a range of funeral plans to suit your needs, that are fixed at today’s prices.

Starting from just £3,200, your options include:

  • The Southwold
  • The Eddystone
  • The Longstone
  • The Flamborough

You have the option to pay in one lump sum or spread the cost via monthly instalments – if you’re unsure of how to spread the costs, head over to our online funeral finance calculator for a rough estimate.

By purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan, you can have peace of mind that your funeral is fully paid for – saving your family the burden of rising funeral costs once you die.

Your plan can be tailored to your specific needs and wishes, ensuring your family can say goodbye and celebrate your life exactly the way you want them to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you were expecting the death of your loved one or it happened unexpectedly, there’s no denying how upsetting it can be.

It always helps to know how to handle the situation efficiently and logically, which can alleviate some of the many stresses that come with the death of a close friend or family member.

The steps you need to take will undoubtedly vary, and the process depends on whether the death was expected or not and where it occurred.

For instance, if you were preparing for your loved one to pass at home from a terminal illness, you would contact their GP or nurse to come out to certify or verify their death once the time comes.

Then, you would call us to collect your loved one, and we’ll take them to our chapel of rest while we wait for the medical cause of death from their doctor.

Once we have this, you’ll be able to make an appointment to register the death and begin planning the perfect send-off for your loved one. 

For more information on what happens when somebody dies, or to arrange a funeral with us, call 01278 794 304 to chat with one of our expert funeral directors.

As funeral directors, we have a lot of responsibilities, but our main priority is ensuring that we provide compassionate support for bereaved families – arranging the perfect send-off for their loved ones according to their wishes.

Together with you and your family, we will help you determine where the service will take place, the date and time of wakes or memorial services, and whether your loved one should be buried or cremated.

Managing legal requirements and death notices also falls under our job description, so you needn’t stress about any of the complicated paperwork.

With this said, you can rely on us for round-the-clock support, to answer any questions you have at any time, or even if you just need someone to talk to during such a difficult time.

Call us on 01278 794 304 for assistance whenever you need it – day or night.

When you think of funerals, you most likely think of churches, hymns, hearses, and flower arrangements. If this is something you want, it can be organised.

However, some people prefer not to be bound by the formalities of traditional funerals, and would much rather go down a more contemporary route.

If this sounds like your situation, a direct cremation could be the most suitable alternative. 

direct cremation is a much more affordable option in comparison to a standard cremation or burial – starting from just £995.

By choosing this option, no compromises will be made to the quality of our service, and both you and your loved one will receive the care and respect you’d expect. 

If you have any questions about direct cremations in Glastonbury, send us a message using our online contact form today, and one of our experienced funeral directors will get back to you shortly.


Many people are taking out pre-paid funeral plans these days, and for good reason.

Taking out a funeral plan allows you to spread the cost of your funeral, so the majority (if not all) of the fees are paid for in advance. This allows you to protect your loved ones from the financial burden when the time comes.

With one of our funeral plans, you’re in full control of your own arrangements, and you can specify exactly what you want for your funeral service well in advance. 

Starting from just £1,394, we have a range of plans available for you to choose from, including: 

  • The Southwold
  • The Eddystone
  • The Longstone
  • The Flamborough

With funeral costs forever rising, our plans are fixed at today’s prices – so you don’t have to worry about growing expenses.

For more information on our pre-paid plans or for a rough idea of how to split the cost, get in touch with our funeral directors in Glastonbury, or head over to our online funeral finance calculator!

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